Welcome to the Symposium
"Augmented Intelligence at Work"

-  5th and 6th of October 2022 in Hanover, Herrenhausen Palace  -

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As one of 50 participants we invite you to shape the state of the art and research on augmentation technologies together with the University of Cambridge, the RWTH Aachen University and the Volkswagen Stiftung.

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Please fill out the following form until the 26th of September to sign up for the symposium.

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About the symposium - What can you expect:

  • International event connecting research perspectives across disciplines about augmented intelligence at work

  • Aims at creating a new interdisciplinary discourse to establish a shared understanding of ongoing research and terminology, as well as to craft a research roadmap

  • Agenda is a mix of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities for participants to engage with other researchers and experts on the topic

  • Multi-disciplinary approach including perspectives from engineering, computer science, AI ethics & philosophy, social science, psychology and law

  • Balance of senior and junior researchers in the field

Our programme for the first day - 5th of October

11:30   -   12:00

12:00   -   13:00

Arrival / Tea and Coffee


Ina Heine (RWTH Aachen University, Thomas Bohné (University of Cambridge)

Opening Keynote

Min Kyung Lee (The University of Texas at Austin)

13:00   -   15:00

Core Technologies Sessions:

Session 1: "Human Body Augmentation"

  • Didier Stricker (TU Kaiserslautern): Augmented vision

  • Dani Clode (University of Cambridge): Augmented body

  • Chitralekha Gupta (National University of Singapure): Assistive augmentations

  • Visvanathan Ramesh (Goethe University Frankfurt): A Transdisciplinary Systems perspective for Visual Intelligence


Session 2: "Cognitive Augmentation"

  • Franziska Bocklisch (TU Chemnitz): Implementing expert knowledge in  human-cyber-physical systems: Possibilities and challenges of cognitive human-machine teaming

  • Peter Hofmann (University of Bayreuth): Teaming up with Intelligent Agents: Research Perspectives on Organizational Design and Management

  • Christian Jauch (Fraunhofer IPA): Making use of user needs to help workers

  • Emma Dixon (Clemson University): Creating a More Accessible and Inclusive Future for People With Dementia Using AI

Session Summaries to Symposium

15:00   -   16:00

Discussion over Tea and Coffee

16:00   -   17:00

Panel: "Augmented Intelligence: Thinking Beyond Technological Boundaries" 

Facilitated by Ali Aslan Gümüsay (Humboldt Institute for Internet & Society)
Panelists: Eleanor Drage (University of Cambridge), Ida Larsen-Ledet (Microsoft Research),         Jacob Sherson (Aarhus University), Jat Singh (University of Cambridge) & Felix Nensa (University Hospital Essen)

17:00   -   17:30

Barcamp (Part 1): "Topics and Sessions"

facilitated by Thomas Bohné (University of Cambridge) & Ina Heine (RWTH Aachen University)


Closing Day 1

19:30   -   22:00

Symposium Dinner

Our program for the second day - 6th of October

09:00   -   11:30

Barcamp Part 2: Workshop

11:30   -   12:30


12:30   -   14:00

Guided Tour Through Herrenhausen Garden

14:00   -   15:00

Barcamp Result Summaries to Symposium & Discussion  

facilitated by Thomas Bohné (University of Cambridge) &
Heine (RWTH Aachen University)

15:00   -   16:00

1:1 Young Scientist Mentoring Session

16:00   -   17:00

Closing Keynote

Werner Rammert (TU Berlin): New Constellations of Distributed Agency: the Case of 'Augmented Intelligence'


Closing Day 2



Our guests will be accommodated in the Smartcity Hotel, about 15 min by Taxi from the conference location in the Herrenhausen Palace.


Cityhotel am Thielenplatz 

Thielenpl. 2

30159 Hannover

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1 / When shall I submit the travel reimbursement form?

We recommend submitting all your documents for travel refund after the symposium. Please use the provided forms and send it with your receipts and the creditor form to invoice.rwth@rwth-aachen.de

2 / Shall I pay the tickets or does the organising institution pay the invoice?

Please pay your tickets first and use the travel reimbursement form to receive refund. This way, it does not matter if you are the receipt's addressee.

3 / Can I choose my hotel or stay in an airbnb?

No, unfortunately, we cannot offer flexible accommodation as we have a reserved contingent in the hotel presented on our website.

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Herrenhausen Castle

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